Outlit is a new way to create and publish your stories, thoughts, and content online and earn from every reader and viewer. This article will provide an overview of how that works. 

There are two ways to get started with publishing and earning on Outlit. 

'Quick Publish' Your Stories

Ideas and stories may strike you at any time, and it's impossible to know when and where that will happen. But many great story ideas come when you're reading about something. So, we created Outlit's Quick Publish space and nestled it at the top of your Outlit dashboard. 

The idea for this is simple: we wanted to make it easy to get right to writing without having to leave your main reading feed. Contract and expand the space whenever you want by clicking the [+] icon next to 'Quick Publish'. 

To publish, just add a title, then tell your story in the post text box. Add an image if you would like. Please note, your story must be of a certain length for earnings options to turn on. Once you meet that length, you can set your cost to view the story, or make the cost to view the story free. Outlit lets creators choose whether they want to earn, and Outlit lets readers choose how they want to see content they are interested in. 


You can publish and earn from anywhere on Outlit, but we recommend using our full page publish program at outl.it/publish for serious creators. This is always available to you at outl.it/publish. You can publish a story and earn from readers right from this page - and the enhanced formatting options, ability to edit your story’s meta data, and easy-to-use compose suite makes this an attractive option for anyone with anything to say.