Why would I pay for news I can see for free? Is Outlit completely free? Do I have to pay to use Outlit? We see these similar questions as variations of the same question: what does Outlit cost?

The answer is pretty simple: yes, Outlit is now completely free. If you never want to pay for content, you don't have to. Now all stories on Outlit have ad-supported reading options in addition to ad-free, on-demand options, so you can always choose to read stories for free with a few ads to help the creators earn a little. 

Our “free with ads” option when reading is just to save you the lengthy process of having to skip around paywalls. We think jumping around paywalls is a complete waste of time - but you’re welcome to do or read whatever you want however you want.

We’re here to make it easy and to help creators earn from their valuable contributions. Allowing you to read your way on Outlit encourages creators to create more interesting and valuable work.