Outlit launched our first web product in the Spring of 2014 as the first ever “iTunes for news” from many sources in the United States, with participation from over 40 newspapers and magazines. Each member of our team put in a lot of hard work to get a very simple product to a limited number of users. But we needed to find out whether we could sell full articles to readers, “on demand”, for a few pennies each, just like iTunes does for music. We did. We started seeing bloggers join Outlit and start telling their stories and earning from their readers. We began to prove that some people were willing to pay on-demand for stories, and we were the first to prove this here in the United States, where readers are less inclined to pay than other markets.

We knew this was just the beginning - just one piece of a vibrant publishing marketplace and community. Since we built that simple news reading experiment, we’ve evolved to become much more - a discovery and discussion network for stories where readers can see what they want to see and interact on what matters. We’ve grown Outlit to be the social network for the creative and the curious. Outlit lets you clip stories from sources around the web to your followers, giving you a unique and noise-free social reading experience where you can read and react with friends. Other social networks are for social news - and the future of news reading and discovery can’t be something where you see personal photos, game invites, and other distractions on other social networks.

Best of all - Outlit is the first and only social publishing network where creators are empowered to earn from readers who can access any story instantly with new choices. Creators can earn from unintrusive ads, on-demand micropayments, or monthly all-access subscriptions from loyal readers. Anyone can publish and earn on Outlit.

In that way, we still think of this project in the same way we have since the day we were founded: Outlit is a big experiment in the future of social storytelling and digital journalism. Our goal is to provide a new way to discover, discuss, and publish with friends and the Outlit community.