We get a variation of the question, "What does Outlit cost?" all the time. The short answer is Outlit is completely free to use for both readers and publishers. The longer answer has a little caveat, and that is because of what we are trying to do in building the future of journalism.

For creators/writers/bloggers/journalists/publishers, Outlit is a FREE publishing platform where you can create and tell your story, then publish it with monetization options. Join free. Write free. Publish free. Earn free.  

For readers/users of Outlit, stories from our publishing partners, writers, bloggers, etc. have two options for reading. The first is FREE with on-demand access, where the story has ads in/around the content you want to see. We share this ad revenue from ad placements we sell with the creators/writers/publishers of the work.

However, Outlit has introduced another way to read stories - with absolutely NO ads whatsoever. This is called premium access, and you can pay a few pennies to support the creators you enjoy while reading their content completely free of ads. It's a beautiful, simple, and enjoyable way to help us build the future of journalism, a few pennies at a time.

Whether you choose to read with ads or with premium ad-free access, creators earn based on your choice. Outlit takes a small percentage of this to keep the lights on, while passing the lion's share along to the creators that you enjoy and the world needs. 

We’re here to make it easy and to help creators earn from their valuable contributions. The bottom line: allowing you to read your way on Outlit encourages creators to create more interesting and valuable work.

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