“The only reason a business exists is to make money.”
-Kevin O’Leary, Shark Tank

OK, let's answer this question as directly as possible: Outlit is an information marketplace - the first ever of its kind. We allow publishers of any size a way to earn for their content directly from the readers, or consumers, of the content. And we do all of that by giving the readers/consumers choices they've never had before. 


Outlit earns after creators are successful in monetizing their content. If you publish on Outlit, you have the opportunity for two revenue streams: from advertisers and from payments from readers directly. After creators earn, Outlit takes a small fraction of either, leaving the lion's share of earnings to the creator. 


Like any virtual marketplace, and just like a real marketplace, there are costs to what we do. Things like servers, providing a secure service, growing the network and providing readers with great stories and creators with a space to tell those stories come with costs. We don’t want you to see the sausage being made - you probably don’t want to see it, either! But we need to earn to keep this grand experiment in storytelling alive, well, and thriving. 


The bottom line: if you don’t make money, we’ll go out of business. So, get out there and publish your story!