Outlit sets a maximum price for each story at $1 (USD), in part to prevent digital money laundering and fraud, and also in part to provide workable goalposts for this, the first digital marketplace experiment in setting the value of the written word and information. 

Every day, we are creating and analyzing the first empirical data on the value of information and the digital content. That is, we’re answering two questions simultaneously:

1) what is information worth? and,
2) what is information worth to you? 

To be clear, we believe that information has a unique worth for each individual on earth, but at its most basic, we believe this: information is worth something.

That’s why we’ve created a new choice for you to gain access to and enjoy the stories and information you love. See anything free with ads, or see it ad-free and on-demand. Either way, the creators of the content earn the lion’s share of the money generated from each view.