We’re seeking to make this figure lower, but right now, it’s $10. 

Every time you withdraw money from your account, those transactions cost money to execute. Not from us - but by banks. 

You’re totally not going to do this right now, but if you log into your bank, you’ll see that sending a wire transfer costs money - for some financial institutions, that amount can actually exceed the amount of the original transaction!

So, here’s how we do it: we figure that since we are saving TONS of trees with Outlit, we can spare a few to write paper checks while we get off the ground. That’s right…paper. Hear us out. Right now, paper checks are the cheapest way to pay you your earnings, and as such, you earn more and we save on transaction fees. Every little bit helps and we, as marketplace enthusiasts, truly despise waste and inefficiency. 

When you withdraw your hard-earned money, you’ll need to provide us an address or P.O. box to which we may send you your payment. Your money will disappear from your Outlit account once you request your withdraw from Outlit, but don’t fear - your money is on the way.

Of course, when digital payment transactions truly become seamless and free, we will implement that system immediately.