On Outlit, your sourcerep is the overall strength and reputation of a given source as determined by a number of factors. While we can't reveal the precise algorithm (which is constantly being reviewed and adjusted), your sourcerep is a figure determined by a mixture of the following, not in in order, as well as other factors not listed below:

  • Source type
  • Frequency in publication
  • Years in publication
  • National or international awards or recognition
  • Source location
  • Original reporting
  • Overall quality of content
  • Overall reputation
  • Popularity of source or source's content on Outlit
  • Other considerations not listed here

We can't reveal the precise calculation behind any user's Outlit sourcerep and of course, Outlit, in accordance with our terms of service and rules of publishing, reserve the right to adjust any source ranking at any time without providing a reason. 

When you first join Outlit, your default sourcerep is, we're sorry to say, the lowest possible ranking of 1 out of 100. That's only because the Outlit community doesn't know who you are yet, so we can't blindly guess your sourcerep calculation with none of the above inputs or other information.

That's OK. We welcome you to get started publishing on Outlit anyway. Once you do, an Outlit team member will get in touch with you if any of our community recognizes you or your published work elsewhere, or, once we see you publish consistently here on Outlit.  

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