Outlit was founded in 2014 by Lucien Zeigler, William Treadway, and Christian Zeigler

Startup stories often begin in one of the founders' proverbial garage. We didn't even have the garage, or deep pockets or backing from venture capital funds. What we DID have is a problem to solve: media is broken and thousands of creators and publishers around the world are going under. We had a vision (and a whiteboard!) to restore value to content and provide a place for creators, writers, and publishers of ALL sizes to earn, and create a social network built for stories and news discovery. We are proud to say that we scrapped our way to launch Outlit with only pre-seed funding from a non-institutional investor and years of our founding team's sweat, blood, muscle, and patience - and a lot of support from some friends well-wishers along the way. 

With Outlit, we're doing two big things at once:

1. Publish and Earn - we've created a place to publish and earn for creators and publishers of any size.
2. Discover and Discuss - we've built a social network specifically for stories and news that didn't have the "noise" of other social networks. 

Our vision for the Outlit social network was based on the fact that other social networks were built for social stuff - birthdays, photo albums, and other personal announcements. We use those, too - but Facebook and others really make for terrible, awful experiences in reading with friends. 

Why? The reality is, just because you agreed to become someone's friend on Facebook, that doesn't mean you want to read and discuss stories and news with them. This is something we all can relate to - everyone has a grandma, uncle, strange friend, old colleague or another person on Facebook and other social networks that shares stuff you never would care about. 
But still, those networks, and especially Facebook, showed the world that people WANTED to read and discover stories online. They were just really bad at it. REALLY bad.

So, enter Outlit - your "Facebook for News and Stories" as some have called us. See what your friends are reading and follow only the sources and voices that matter to you. Compared to Facebook, there's virtually no noise - and social discovery is optimized. 

Keeping with that theme, we also saw Facebook and others destroying the value of content and stories online, and co-opting publishers' hard-created content, all while not providing the right platform for bloggers and anyone like YOU from publishing a story and earning from the views. Facebook and others make money off your story and other peoples' content and hard work. We provide (a patent-pending) marketplace for your stories, where you can publish your stories online, get discovered, and earn money from on-demand payments and advertising views. 

Don't unfriend or silence those crazy relatives on Facebook - just join Outlit and select your friends that you want to read and engage with on a regular basis. It's lovely when social discovery is optimized.
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