on Outlit are people you are choosing to read with here. Your friends feed shows clipped stories from your friends.

We use the term “follow” for all sources regardless of whether they are publications, writers, bloggers, journalists, or RSS feeds. 

You can follow anything, but your friends feed is sacred. We built Outlit as a much-needed social network to take on Facebook and other social networks that were and are NOT built or optimized for social story discovery. Outlit is built as the social network where great stories live.

Your friends feed is stories that are shared (“clipped”) by your friends, or people you follow (not publications).

Stories directly published by major sources or rss feeds are in your stories feed, while your friends feed is a space for you and your friends on Outlit to discuss stories and topics that matter. Use your friends feed read and discuss stories with friends. It’s your little curated town square where stories and ideas are brought to you by people and voices you want to read with. 

It’s a little tough to explain, but, we think, easy to intuit. One more time: = stories and posts shared by your friends and people you follow on outlit

other feeds on Outlit = stories and posts from sources (i.e. publications) you follow

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