Anyone. Outlit enables creators and publishers of ANY size and type to use the Outlit platform to monetize content. We built Outlit to provide a level playing field for creators of content to compete for readers, viewers, and the lion’s share of the advertising revenues and paying customers awaiting them on Outlit. Outlit is proud to be a community where ideas matter and great stories live. 

Of course, someone’s always got to spoil a great thing, so we must qualify what we mean by “anyone.” The right to use Outlit can be revoked from any person or publication at any time without justification from the Outlit administrative team, Outlit HQ, and Outlit, LLC. Our marketplace, our rules! 

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As we have noted and seek to remind everyone whenever possible, Outlit is NOT responsible for content posted by users on its site, BUT we work to police and take action against any and all violators of our terms of service, privacy policy, and house rules. We rely on you and other users to bring any alleged violations of our terms to our attention as soon as possible for our action. 

Violating our terms of service, privacy policy, and/or rules of the house are grounds for immediate removal from the network, although other actions may be taken, including temporary bans/suspensions and other legal action and referral to relevant authorities.