Creators on Outlit want to have the highest Outlit SourceRep possible. One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Outlit HQ are about SourceReps. How you can improve your own SourceRep and what can you do to raise it?
Aside from helping us fight fake news, improving your SourceRep on Outlit may: 

  • increase your profile visibility to readers on Outlit and around the world
  • improve how trustworthy you are to viewers and readers
  • elevate how visible your stories are on Outlit
By doing these things, a good Outlit SourceRep can:
  • help you earn more for your stories
  • grow your following faster
  • get discovered by more readers and viewers

To increase your Outlit SourceRep, it’s worth taking the time to consider where you fit in on the trustworthy scale across all creators, writers, and publishers in the entire world. If you’re an individual blogger or journalist, small company, or just getting going, you can’t rank as high as the world’s most trusted news and information sources. The most trusted sources on Outlit are large, established publications with editorial teams and a sterling reputation for accuracy and fact-adhesiveness in creating news, stories, opinions, and ideas. 

But, don’t let that discourage you, because don’t forget - our goal with Outlit is to create a level playing field for creators, journalists, and publishers of all sizes and types to compete for earnings and influence. If you’re just publishing and writing for the first time, your ideas are still valuable and welcome and your earning potential still great. 

You can’t snap your fingers and become a more trusted source, but here are some things you can do:

Publish and publish often. Follow many sources and clip stories often. The more you use Outlit to discover, clip, publish, and earn, the more of a track record the Outlit team has when evaluating your SourceRep. 

Original Content is basically everything. You can publish and clip all you want, but if what you’re writing isn’t original, doesn’t represent a thoughtful reaction or opinion, or doesn’t add much to the conversation generally, you aren’t going to see much of an increase in your Outlit SourceRep over time. 

Quality is King. Quality matters and is valued by readers and the world - and is something we take into consideration. Double checking what you’re writing and making few if any grammatical and spelling errors makes your contributions more valuable, and in turn, will increase your SourceRep. 

Obey the site’s three big rules documents, namely, the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Rules of the House. Don’t violate them, as among the actions taken by Outlit HQ in the face of violations not serious enough to warrant your removal from the site includes reducing your Outlit SourceRep. 

If you wish to have your SourceRep re-evaluated, you may do so by emailing with the email subject line SOURCEREP and including your user name and your profile URL on Outlit. You may also state your case for why you think your SourceRep should be higher and we will consider your submission in due course.