Outlit is a social publishing network. What makes us different is that creators earn the lion's share of the advertising dollars and digital payments created by their content.

Outlit is a new day for journalism - publishing on Outlit lets creators and publishers of all sizes earn for their content.

Other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and make make money off YOUR content. On Outlit, you earn the lion’s share from your posts and published stories on Outlit. 

Posts, stories and other content make up the first ever social network built for story discovery and discussion - Outlit. 

Where as other social networks are dominated with personal updates, Outlit was built for stories and news. 

Outlit creates two revenue streams for creators, writers, journalists, and publishers of any size: earnings from ads and earnings from on-demand payments and subscriptions.

Outlit is a marketplace that creates a even playing field for content to earn and for people around the world to have a discovery platform built specifically for news and stories, not social noise and personal updates.