A few things you can do to make the most money from readers on Outlit:

-Start writing - as we believe firmly, you can’t earn without contributing. You can’t hit a home run if you don’t get off the bench!

-Set a paywall on your full stories. This seems obvious, but we also allow you to publish stories completely free of charge if you want. 

-Price your content appropriately. If it's good work, you deserve to earn more, but a lower price may get you more monetized views. It's like finding the right price for anything else.

-Share your stories on external site - Outlit of Outlit. Other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere will create a wider net for you, and may help you inbound traffic, but our writers also have done well sharing stories directly via email and other means.

Bottom line is that the creators who earn the most on Outlit are using Outlit more - to discover and learn, engage and build a following, and to be their channel to distribute and monetize stories.