Your wallet on Outlit is available once you’re logged in at your account settings dashboard on your wallet page, available at

Your settings home page shows you your balance on Outlit at a glance, but for the full picture and to make a deposit, go to

We accept several types of payments on Outlit. Your money is converted 1:1 for the value of Outlit credits, which can be used to pay for stories instantly. When creators and publishers withdraw their earnings, Outlit takes a percentage of those earnings to keep the lights on at Outlit HQ and grow the company. 

On your wallet page in your account settings, a button that says “increase your balance” shows in green under your current balance. 

To add money with a credit card, click the green increase your balance button. A dialogue box opens up allow you to increase your balance to be used to purchase stories and reward the creators who spent time to write them. 

To add money with PayPal, click on the area underneath the green button that says “digital payments with PayPal.” This will let you use PayPal to add money to your Outlit account.