Outlit is the online social publishing network where you can read and publish stories with friends. Outlit is both a powerful social discovery engine and an indispensable tool for journalists, publishers, and creators to earn from readers.

Outlit brings together readers and publishers on one platform. Readers can see thousands of sources and original voices all in one place, share stories with friends and followers, and see what your friends are reading and discussing. Creators and Publishers can use Outlit’s simple publishing platform (outl.it/publish) to tell a story and earn from every reader and viewer. Everyone from bloggers to the largest publishing companies in the world are using Outlit to earn every time a story is viewed.

Outlit is the first and only social network for stories that lets ALL readers decide how they want to see content from their favorite sources. Choose between free, ad-supported access, or instantly make a small on-demand payment to read ad-free and support the creators and sources you love.

Outlit is the world’s social information marketplace, where readers can get information from sources they trust faster and writers and publishers can earn a living.

Outlit was founded in 2014 by Lucien Zeigler, William Treadway, and Christian Zeigler as the first ever information discovery marketplace where creators, writers, and publishers could earn directly from readers on a single platform. Some then called us the “iTunes of News” because we allow readers to access stories on-demand for small payments. Since then, we have expanded significantly to be a social platform for discovery, discussion, and story creation. 

For more overview on what Outlit is and how it can work for you, check out the two videos below. You can also email our team to ask us any questions; we built Outlit for curious and creative people, so we love hearing from you! 

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