Fake News is a scourge on a free society, threatens the credibility of creators and publishers everywhere, and is, accordingly, forbidden on Outlit. We will take steps to remove it when we find it and count on you to help in this important task.

The dissemination of Fake News is not a new phenomenon. The first elections in the United States hundreds of years ago were the same rife breeding grounds for fake news as today. 

There is truth, there is opinion, and there is false information, and some want to blur the line between these. Those who seek to do that are perpetrators of fake news. Information that is spread online that is false is fake news. 

Social networks like Facebook have already failed the world once and they haven proven to be breeding grounds for fake news. Facebook and many others have created their networks to be susceptible to the scourge of fake news. 

Outlit helps to prevent and eliminate fake news but the struggle to defeat it is real. Outlit forbids the dissemination of fake news and will take action against false information and fake news whenever we are made aware of it. We will take swift and decisive action against those who create and spread fake news.

Here’s how we fight fake news:

-Providing a SourceRep for each source and voice on Outlit. The SourceRep displays the trustworthiness of the source and is on all feeds, stories, and profiles. Only on Outlit are sources ranked from most trustworthy to least. To learn more about SourceReps and how they are calculated, visit our section on source trustworthiness in our knowledge base. 

-Banning fake news dissemination as soon as we are made aware of it. 

-Donating I’ll-gotten earnings to Charities to protect and empower journalists and creators. 

-Actively alerting the community and world of fake storylines on Outlit

Like any democracy and forum for free speech and the sharing of ideas, it takes work to keep this space free of hate speech, racism, and calls to violence. As a member of the Outlit community, we need your help to identify prohibited activity and helps us to police this network. We are not responsible for any content posted by any users, RSS feeds, or accounts on Outlit, but we will work to remove violations of our terms of service and house rules swiftly.