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  • Outlit's House Rules

    A quick background, as simply as we can put it: •On other social networks, YOU are the product.  •On Outlit, your inform...

    A quick background, as simply as we can put it:

    •On other social networks, YOU are the product. 

    •On Outlit, your information works for you - earning YOU money for the posts that others value while giving you faster access to a world of sources and unique voices.

    •Unlike other social networks, the business of Outlit is not a secret. Outlit lets you publish stories and earn. 

    •YOU earn for ads that your viewers see, and, conversely, the ads YOU see earn for the creators and voices you see. 

    •We do NOT sell your data wholesale to other third parties. 

    •We earn when you earn, so we’re not in the business of selling you out. The Outlit information marketplace is where content is valued and offered - and enjoyed - on fair terms.

    House Rules

    Please note: We take our House Rules seriously, and you can be banned for violating any of these rules. We (Outlit HQ) make that determination and our decisions are final. However, we do not have a responsibility to ban violators of our House Rules or other terms of service - we work diligently to identify any violators and remove them from Outlit, but we do not guarantee that there will not be violators - nor may we be held responsible for the existence of violators of these terms. That’s why we ask you to help us identify violations of our house rules or other terms of service by reporting issues to us.  

    1. You must read and agree to these House Rules, the Outlit Terms of Service, and Outlit’s Privacy Policy and acknowledge that you have done so. This only really matters if you break one of these rules, but still, it is required to use Outlit. Use of Outlit is not a right. 

    2. You are responsible for the content you post, write, or share on Outlit. Outlit is not responsible for content posted on Outlit.

    3. Hate speech, racism, the incitement of violence, or other illegal language is a violation of our terms of service and users may be banned for it, and you may be reported to the relevant authorities. 

    3. Outlit is a place for civil discussion. We ask you to practice civility. Posting any abusive content or harassing other users may result in banning of a user. 

    4. Stealing any other content is illegal and will result in a banning at minimum and the matter may be referred to relevant authorities. You may not reuse content from others and pass it off as your own content, and especially not to monetize it. This is stealing and will result in action from Outlit HQ. 

    5. We will not sell your data to third parties. You are not a product. However, we will try to provide advertising that you might like or might appeal to you more than not. We will do this in a basic manner and will not provide your data to others, or sell your personal data to anyone.

    These house rules and other terms documents on Outlit may change at any time. We will notify you if they have changed.

    This network is about creative people earning for the value they produce, and providing a place to discover great stories, news, and other content. We can only get better with your input and feedback on what should happen to make this product a benefit to the world.