Many people today struggle with depression to some extent. According to the World Health Organization, the number crosses a staggering 300 million mark. While the best way to treat depression continues to be a topic of debate, people like Eiman Al Zaabi are living proof of the fact that this illness can be overcome.

Born in the late 1970s, Eiman had a somewhat turbulent childhood. Despite a comfortable life, she began to suffer from depression in her early twenties. Even the simplest of tasks, like taking care of her children or visiting a friend, was sometimes too much. She tried every measure in the book to find relief from the constant darkness. Yet things were only going downhill, and Eiman began to wonder whether there might not be any light at the end of the road, just a darkened path she would have to walk for her entire life.

After trying nearly every other remedy, she decided to surrender. Eiman went on a quest to explore the relationship between spirituality, consciousness, and well-being – in short, to find God. Surrendering herself to the Almighty altered the course of her life. The formerly depressed young woman was now taking on life with contentment and ease. Day by day, her worries lifted, and she began to feel peaceful. The spiritual ray of light had calmed her soul.

Eiman had finally found the cure to her imbalance. She started spreading the story of her awakening, and with time, she became a spiritual teacher. Eiman knew that this was the opportunity she had been awaiting for her entire life. She wanted the world to benefit from her experience, a wish that led her to write a book called The Art of Surrender: A Practical Guide to Enlightened Happiness and Well-Being. The book relates the experience of spiritual exploration and inquiry that eventually led her past the misery she had suffered for so many years. Eiman’s book was released in the United States, where it received a great deal of praise.

Eiman Al Zaabi continues her professional practice in the area of spiritual teaching. Since childhood, Eiman was keen on doing something truly meaningful with her life. Writing The Art of Surrender has given her the opportunity to do so. She has become an inspiration and a source of hope for those 300 million-plus people globally who suffer from depression. Eiman is currently working on her second book, Daily Comfort for Uncertain Times, which is expected to be published this year.

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