Such a great deal. Right?

Think again. 

"A refurbished ball (also called refinished or reconditioned) is stripped of the clear coat and paint, then re-painted, clear coated and stamped with manufacturer’s logos. By law a refurbished ball must also have a stamp indicating it was refinished on one of the poles...This takes much longer to do and is much more expensive than simply washing a ball, so why would these companies spend the time and money on this process? It’s done in an effort to improve the appearance of the ball. The balls that typically go through this process are the worst of the worst. They likely wouldn’t be able to resell them otherwise. But when the balls are painted and re-coated, it’s not necessarily applied according to manufacturer’s specifications, which can alter the performance. By adding another layer of polyurethane gloss coating (laced with optical brighteners to make it “look” like new) the depth of the dimples is reduced which significantly changes the aerodynamics of the ball. Some resellers include a disclaimer on the packaging similar to this: “Used/Refurbished golf balls are subject to performance variations from new ones.”