There are people with different occupations spreading different messages just like musicians, writers, philanthropists, politicians, and many others. Like Michael Jackson and Bob Marley, there are now many singers who come forward with the message of love and peace. Music for some is therapy, for some inspiration, for some a drive which lets you go and not stop. It is music, one of the most potent weapons which makes you a rebel or a leader. It takes people their whole life and sometimes most of the part of the life to discover then unveil their inner ability and skills that have rooted in them. There comes a time when it comes to exploring themselves along with their hidden talents. Some are lucky enough to realize their hidden abilities before they’re about to be buried, but those who don’t know what they want and what do they have within themselves are just wasting their time and letting it go just like the smoke in the air. Paris unveiled abilities within her at the age of 4. Paris is a hidden treasure for her parents and for herself. Possessed with the capabilities to write, play piano, sing and design.

Paris is a famous American singer, songwriter, author and pianist. She was 4 years old when she became able to read music before she could read or write and at the age of 5, she started drawing her first storybook. As she has been able to read music at her very young age, she got accepted in the studio of Professor Irene Peery Fox of Brigham Young University in Utah. Paris developed her classical training and also received her lifelong principles of piano and theory and performance.

Paris dreams of being a professional musician when she grows older. The music she produces and lyrics are full of positive words while a message for peace, love, friendship, and harmony is given through her songs. As she has become a well-known singer since her childhood, she got chances to perform in concerts, and at Carnegie Hall, she has played five times till now.

Paris has not only sung individually, but she has also collaborated with the many of the biggest names from the industry like Dave Polar, Jose Louise Pagan, Mathew Shad, James Joubran, Doug Emery and few more. Also, in 2016 she partnership with Jonathan Keith.

This little girl has been very talented since her childhood for not only producing peace promoting music, but she has also written a book series and named them “Sonatina’s Adventure." Ambassador of peace by herself, Paris was recently selected as the Peace and Music Ambassador for "Harmony for Peace Foundation" and has been honored to be a part of this wonderful organization. Astonishing is that not only music and writing book series of kids, Paris has been able to create her own "Aurax Music” app and “Pamoji” app, an emoji app is created for her which enables the users to express the feelings of through the cartoonish images of Paris and the things she loves in her life, just like the Bitmoji app for Snapchat. To make it easily accessible for her fans and other users, this app has been made easy and free to use and have fun with it.

It is every parent’s dream to see their child being famous and successful but a child with such success that too at a very young age is not what every parent is blessed with. Being an inspiration for many young children, Paris has a fast and clear pace through her way.